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When your child gets accustomed to seeing a dentist at a young age, it goes a long way toward building a lifetime of good oral health. We recommend that children be evaluated by a dentist no later than their first birthday and continue to get follow-up professional care routinely after that. Parents who choose a dentist that specializes in treating children will gain a number of benefits. Dentists specialize in calming the fears of young patients and using gentle techniques so that the child is reassured when in the dentist’s office. The American Dental Association recommends a child’s first dental visit should occur within six months after the baby’s first tooth appears, but no later than the child’s first birthday.

Pediatric dental care involves many aspects and begins as soon as the first tooth erupts. In fact, parents should be taking care to keep their children’s gums clean even before then, but a child should be evaluated in a professional setting around the time that the first tooth emerges through the gum tissue. This helps to establish a baseline from which the dentist can assess any developments that occur.

Additionally, having your child established with a dental practice at an early age gives you the opportunity to ask for any information that you may need in order to promote optimal oral health in your child. This includes topics such as dental hygiene for young children and preventive treatments like fluoride and dental sealants. You may also wish for additional guidance on when to transition oral hygiene responsibilities to your child or need an expert’s opinion on certain aspects of oral health in children.

Furthermore, as your child gets older, the dentist can monitor the development of the smile for issues like premature or postponed eruption of the permanent teeth, tooth decay (which is actually the most common childhood illness) and atypical growth patterns in the jaws. These issues can be treated promptly when a dentist is regularly monitoring your child’s smile with semi-annual exams, and the dentist can make any necessary specialist referrals in a timely fashion.

Would you like more information about our experience working with pediatric dental patients and our approach to making them as calm and comfortable as possible while in our care? Feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly staff members to ask any questions you may have about this component of our practice.


How do I find a dentist?

In many ways, finding a pediatric dentist is not much different than finding a general family dentist or a specialist of some sort. Parents may ask their friends and acquaintances for referrals or look for reviews on various websites. Of course, dental insurance may also be a consideration, so you will want to choose a provider who will work with your insurance, if that applies. You may also want to do a “test run” with your child to see how she or he responds to the personnel and the office environment. We are happy to schedule a consultation at any time to help you determine whether our practice is the right fit for your child.

How often does my child need to see the dentist?

Your child should see the dentist as often as you do. That is, children should be examined by a pediatric dentist and have a professional tooth cleaning at least every six months. Your child may need more frequent appointments if the dentist is closely monitoring or treating a particular issue. However, at a minimum, your child should come in for preventive care twice a year.

Children may not yet be adept at brushing and flossing, so these professional cleanings take on more importance to eliminate cavity-causing plaque and tartar. Additionally, if your child is seen regularly, the dentist will be able to diagnose any oral diseases and treat them effectively before they have the opportunity to do much damage.

How do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants help to protect children’s teeth from cavities during the years when they are most susceptible to developing tooth decay. The teeth with the largest chewing surfaces – the first and second molars – tend to be at greatest risk for cavities, so these teeth benefit a great deal from dental sealants. When parents opt for dental sealants, the dentist will apply a coating to the chewing surfaces of the teeth, and that material then adheres to the grooves in the teeth, preventing oral bacteria from infiltrating those spaces and proliferating there.

How do I know if my child is getting enough fluoride?

Fluoride is important for strengthening a child’s teeth during the smile’s early development, and fluoridated water systems can help with this effort, although they may not be sufficient. The best way to make sure that your child is getting enough fluoride is to have the child evaluated by a dentist, although frequent cavities may be an indicator. If your child is not getting an adequate amount of fluoride, the dentist can provide a supplemental fluoride treatment.

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