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6 Signs of a Quality Dentist in NY

When you visit the dentist you want to receive quality care and feel at ease, whether you’re having a regular check up or dental surgery. While there are plenty of dentists in New York, finding a quality dentist will make all the difference to your dental hygiene. 

We’ve put together 6 signs you should look out for to find a quality dentist in New York. 

1. Cleanliness

First impressions are everything, right? So, when you’re entering the dental practice you want to be reassured by a clean waiting area and office space. You wouldn’t want to eat off a dirty table in a restaurant, so why would you let someone look at your teeth in an unclean environment?

If the dentist’s room is clean and well looked after, that’s an indication your dentist wants to provide you with a good experience and cares about first impressions. 

2. Makes You Feel Comfortable 

For many, visiting the dentist can feel a little nerve-wracking, so an indication of a quality dentist is that they do everything possible to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable during your appointment. 

This means they establish a relationship with you, have knowledge of your dental history, have good communication with you about procedures, and are generally a friendly person who takes care to make you comfortable while you’re in the dentist’s chair. 

3. Takes Time to Listen 

A quality dentist will always take the time to listen to any dental problems you may be experiencing. It’s important that you are able to express your concerns, so that action can be taken to solve the problem before it becomes worse. This also allows you to ask questions too, which the dentist should answer for you. 

4. Educate You  

The role of a quality dentist is to educate you about dental hygiene and help with any problems to prevent them from getting worse or from happening again in the future. 

Dentistry will make use of medical words and phrases, which can be confusing to those of us who are not qualified dentists. A quality dentist will break these medical terms down into simple terminology to ensure that you have an understanding of the information that is being explained to you. 

5. Follows ADA Guidelines

The American Dental Association (ADA) was actually founded here in New York and is the oldest and most established dental association. As a member of the ADA, your dentist will ensure that your health and well-being are put first by following the recommended ADA guidelines. 

6. Recommended to You 

When someone recommends a dentist to you, that’s usually a good sign of a quality dentist. This is because the person who recommended them to you has direct experience with them and can confirm their quality, efficiency, and that you will get a good value for your money. 

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