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6 Questions You Should Be Asking at Your Dentist At A Check-Up

Most people visit the dentist every six months, going for a quick check-up and then just carrying on with their day. A regular check-up allows your dentist to ensure your oral health is in working order, but it also allows you to ask questions and raise any concerns you might have. 

Your appointment allows you to learn more about your oral health and how you can look after your teeth and gums to prevent further treatments. We’ve put together 6 questions to get the ball rolling. 

How can I improve my oral health?

While brushing and flossing your teeth every day might be common knowledge, asking your dentist how you can improve the quality of your dental hygiene allows you to learn new ways to care for your mouth. Your dentist might advise diet changes, recommend toothbrushes and toothpaste, or suggest the best mouthwash.  

What toothbrush should I use?

Everyone is different when it comes to toothbrushes, and there are pros and cons to using a manual or an electric one. Dentists generally recommend soft bristle toothbrushes, as hard bristles can damage the gums if brushed too vigorously. 

What are the signs of gum disease?

Gum disease can become a severe condition if not addressed early on. Speaking to your dentist about the first signs of gum disease and how to avoid it could stop you from developing it, as gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even affect the rest of the body. 

What causes tooth sensitivity?

If you’ve noticed signs of tooth sensitivity, then this check-up is your chance to mention your concerns and find out what causes it, so your dentist can offer solutions. Sensitivity could also warn of underlying health problems, so speaking to your dentist is essential. 

How do I avoid bad breath?

If you suffer from bad breath, it might be because your oral health needs some TLC. Removing plaque from the gums and teeth is essential and will prevent bad breath, so find out from your dentist how to improve your oral hygiene at your next check-up.

What drinks and foods should I avoid?

To keep your teeth and gums optimal, it’s best to avoid sugary food and drinks which contain acid that can erode the teeth. At your check-up, your dentist can help you put a plan together that’s healthy for your teeth and gums and will also benefit your whole body. 

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